Modern British Cuisine

Inspired by London's vibrant east end

Welcome to Penny Squares. Our restaurant serves modern British cuisine inspired by the international flavours of London’s vibrant east end neighbourhoods. Never the home of riches and royals, it has been the ordinary people who made the East End of London so extraordinary, there is nowhere else quite like it. Our menu pays homage to the people from all around the world who settled here over the centuries. 


One of the largest migrant groups to seek shelter here were the 17th century Huguenots fleeing persecution in Catholic France. Whilst they brought a range of skills from clock-working to fan-making, it was their talents with wool and silk weaving that would go on to make the East End the very centre of London’s textile trade. Penny Square, once a quilting term known as redwork, was taught to young school girls as an essential part of a young woman’s lifestyle in the 19th century. Our name remembers the embroidered mark left on the city by its talented inhabitants of the past, but the restaurant celebrates all of the vibrant cultures that came, stayed and made this area what it is today.